TELCO ELEVATORS is a company manufacturing and trading lifts. Our modern production equipment, our professional staff, in combination with the collaboration with leading brands and our 40 years of experience in the lift sector cover and offer solutions for the most particular needs.

TELCO ELEVATORS entirely produces in its premises all of its products, such as automatic and semi-automatic doors, cabins, car  frames and mechanical parts of the lift. As a result, our company is characterized by maximum flexibility in production and fast delivery times.

TELCO's cooperation with reputable and leading international brands also enhances its commercial activity, while creating integrated lift products such as hydraulic, electrical, and hoisting systems for loads and people with disabilities. All products are manufactured in accordance with applicable laws for lifts and certified in accordance with them.

TELCO ELEVATORS was founded in Thessaloniki in 1976.

Our main purpose was to produce doors and lift cabins to meet the local market needs.
In 1989, we moved to our new privately-owned premises over a total 2000m2. In 1991, a landmark year, the company pioneered and started producing automatic doors, being the only Greek company producing all its products exclusively in-house. Its upward and successful trajectory, led our Company in 2004 to the expansion of its facilities to a total of 4000m2.

In 2010, wanting to meet the ongoing needs and desires of its customers TELCO ELEVATORS decided to offer complete lift solutions. In 2015, it opened a branch in Athens in order to better serve the needs of Southern Greece. Since then, the company continuously aiming to serve the market, has managed to achieve a strong presence in both the Greek and the international lift sector.

Our vision is to constantly improve and develop our work, remaining faithful to our commitments, principles and our values.

Our commitments:

  • To be by the side of the client, supporting him at every step.
  • To give priority to the safety and reliability of our product.
  • To continually develop our expertise providing new and innovative solutions to the daily needs of the market.

Principles and Values

  • We listen and respect the needs of our customers and partners, making sure to improve through this process.
  • We work with ethics and professionalism in everything we do and promise.
  • We stand with consistency and responsibility in the face of our daily challenges.
  • We remain an independent family company, working as a team.
  • We care about the health and safety of our workforce.
  • We take care of the environment with an emphasis on recycling.

The purpose and continuous commitment of our company is to offer our partners quality and reliable products.
At the same time, our fundamental objective is to fully meet our customers' needs to their satisfaction.

For these reasons, we place particular emphasis on the construction and quality of the products we produce and distribute with a selection of the best raw materials checked following the optimal production process. Our company implements the system for Quality Management ENISO9001:2008 for the design, manufacture and marketing of lifts, lift accessories, and Directive 95/16/EC on lifts construction.