Complete Hydraulic Lifts

Complete Hydraulic Lifts used by TELCO™

TELCO designs hydraulic lifts with 2:1 and 1:1 suspension. The cooperation with the leading Italian firm GMV MARTINI established a reliable quality product providing solutions to small and medium height buildings. The hydraulic lifts of TELCO are installed in residential buildings, offices, shopping centres, hospitals and car parking.


  • Load capacity: Up to 1600kg
  • Minimum shaft depth 400mm (constructionally)
  • Minimum last floor height: 2700mm (constructionally)
  • Speed: up to 0.63m/s
  • Maximum travel 25m (suspension 2:1)
  • Optional machine roomless
  • GMV pistons and power units
  • Easy installation
  • Short delivery times
  • Study of metal components using the finite element method